£1 Million For A Night At Buckingham Palace

£1 Million For A Night At Buckingham Palace
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Luxury accommodation website, Elysian Estates has revealed how much it would cost to stay in the world’s grandest and most exclusive properties.

The data includes famous homes including Buckingham Palace, The Playboy Mansion and 10 Downing Street.

Elysian Estates, a luxury accommodation website, that specialises in the UK’s most exclusive and premium properties, has used its pricing algorithms, industry data and insight to reveal how much it would cost to stay a night in the world’s most luxurious and iconic properties.

Specialists at Elysian Estates have created the list based on how much the properties would cost on a per person basis and if the whole property was hired exclusively.  Currently, none of the properties on the list are available for private stays, but the theoretical figures are the best basis available. Industry experts at Elysian Estates have based their evaluations on the size, location, uniqueness, history and quality of the properties.

The full list of ten prices and properties can be found here:


Buckingham Palace commands the highest individual price at £10,000 per person per night, which is a total cost of £1,040,000 per night if all 52 royal and guest bedrooms are booked.  

10 Downing Street only sleeps eight, however can host up to 60 guests for dinner. Taking that and the location and history into account, Elysian Estates’ property pricing algorithm has priced the Prime Minister’s home at £62,000 per night.

Windsor Castle has 225 bedrooms and 13 acres of land and as the Queen’s private home, the castle could charge £5,000 per person per night - a total of £2,250,000 per night based on Elysian Estates’ pricing criteria.

The iconic Playboy Mansion is set in the lucrative area of Holmby Hills, Los Angeles. The property is currently home to Playboy magazine mogul, Hugh Hefner, and his ‘playboy girls’, however it is on the market with Mr. Hefner as a conditional tenant. The property has 29 bedrooms, a swimming pool, a zoo and fireworks license. Due to this, the location and history, it has been priced at £115,000 for a night’s stay, making it £1,983 per person per night.

Other properties looked at include former home to the Beckhams, ‘Beckingham Palace’ – priced at £8,000 per night – and Shakespeare’s birthplace, the most affordable stay at £500 per night.

Rebecca Cole, managing director at Elysian Estates said: “We are experts in luxury accommodation and because a lot of these estates are similar to the ones that we manage we have been able to put a price on them.  Obviously as these particular residences have qualities that aren’t tangible they will command a higher price than a similar property without their unique histories.” 

“At Elysian Estates, our property pricing algorithm is used as a base point, after which the team prices a property based on the location, quality, size, history and facilities. I am confident our estimates are accurate - and if the Queen ever did want to exclusively hire her castle or palace I hope she will come to us!”