Award Winning Chippy Launches Educational Children's Book

Award Winning Chippy Launches Educational Children's Book
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Simpsons, Cheltenham’s famous chippy, are launching a book to educate young children on the journey of fish and chips from field to fork. The book will teach children about the source of their food and the truth behind where fish and chips come from.

The colourful book, titled ‘Where Do Fish and Chips Come From?’, follows main character ‘Bonny’ (the namesake of Simpsons Co-Founder Bonny Ritchie) on an adventure meeting the likes of Fisherman Frank and Farmer Fred. The book explores where their food is sourced from and how it is prepared.

Co-Founder James Richie, from Simpsons Fish and Chips, said: “Teaching children the source of their food is incredibly important to us. Children often see food when it’s in packaging or cooked and ready prepared so we hope with our book to show little ones the process. In particular with Fish & Chips, how little is involved from sea to plate. Just fresh, natural ingredients, simply prepared and cooked.”

'Where Do Fish and Chips Come From?’ will be available from Simpsons Fish and Chips this summer. Simpsons will be launching the book at the Priors Road shop to schoolchildren from St Mary’s C of E Infant School on Wednesday 15 July 2015.

Simpsons have won several awards including the ‘From Field To Fork’ Award at The National Fish and Chips Awards 2015. The famous chip shop only uses natural ingredients with no MSG, salt or bulking agents which have absolutely no artificial colours or flavouring. Simpsons Fish and Chips is the only MSC certified chip shop in

Gloucestershire. The MSC hallmark is awarded to people who commit to using only fish that is sourced responsibly.

James added: “Fish and chips is not as unhealthy as everyone thinks it is, and that is something that we wanted to get across in the book. It should, of course, be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet but it has real nutritional value - especially the way we cook it! The book reflects the steps we take to create healthy fish and chips and our aim is to educate children on sourcing food responsibly and introduce them to the journey that it has to take in order to be enjoyed.”

Simpsons Cheltenham store opened in 2009 and has, in just five years, become renowned as one of the UK’s top fish and chip shops.

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