Coppa Club Opens in Sonning

Coppa Club Opens in Sonning
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Hugh Osmond’s newest hospitality venture has opened its doors in Sonning.

Coppa Club, which has just completed its soft launch, is an all day social hub that aims to challenge and alter people’s normal perception of a traditional hotel restaurant. The aim is simple – to create a vibrant, fresh, accessible and affordable all-day social hub that everyone feels they can use as they like, when they like to eat, drink, relax, work and party.

Coppa Club overlooks the River Thames. It brings together under one roof all those elements that make the best restaurants, bars, cafés, co-working spaces, members clubs and even hotel lounges so enjoyable. The team has cherry picked the best bits - from atmosphere and decor through to pricing and menus- and blended them together while expelling the stereotypical rules and hang-ups that apply to them all individually.

The creation of Coppa Club has been triggered by the change in the way people are living their lives and the way they want to eat, drink, work and socialise.  Lifestyles that once used to be the preserve of a few Hoxton hipsters have now become the norm for many of us. It is predicted that 40% of the UK’s workforce will be freelancers by 2020. That fact is coupled with a surge in home working, which is up by more than 55% since 2000.  On the back of this shift in employment culture and the UK’s ever growing love of dining out, Coppa Club aims to be a place that is totally relevant to people’s lifestyles and embraces the way we can now work remotely and flexibly as well as the way we want to socialise, eat and drink.

Coppa Club serves consistently great food inspired by the freshest Italian ingredients. Food will be served from early morning through to late at night, at affordable prices, delivered by passionate people who really care about service and true hospitality.  The menus have been carefully designed so that no matter the time of day or week, there is always something to take your fancy. 

Coppa Club in Sonning is a perfect example of a 3,000 sq/ft space that has been intuitively zoned to create areas that guests can use to suit their mood and truly use as they like. Every last detail has been meticulously considered, tables are the right height to work at as well as eat at, power for laptops and chargers are everywhere and red-hot Wi-Fi is available, even in the riverside garden, to ensure that guests can effortlessly use the space. 

Coppa Club has been designed to meet people’s needs from breakfast and brunch through to afternoon tea, cocktails, dinner and beyond.  From mums meeting for a morning coffee, professionals who want somewhere to work remotely, long lost friends celebrating together over a boozy lunch to a couple on a first date, there is somewhere for everyone to feel comfortable. Where a ‘traditional’ restaurant may be dead quiet at 4pm, Coppa Club is a place for everyone and will be buzzing throughout the day.

If Coppa Club is well received in Sonning, Hugh Osmond has an ambition to translate the concept in both urban and rural locations over the next few years.  

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