Job Applicants Limbo Their Way To A Position At New Restaurant

Job Applicants Limbo Their Way To A Position At New Restaurant
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Turtle Bay, Cheltenham’s hotly anticipated new Caribbean eatery, will next week be in the final throes of recruiting staff. Over 1,000 people have submitted applications in a bid to land one of 60 roles available at the new restaurant.

Famed for their audition-style job interviews, Turtle Bay is renowned for its quirky recruitment process. The Cheltenham restaurant is due to open at the end of March so by the end of next week, Turtle Bay managers will hope to have filled most vacant positions including those of bar tenders, waiting staff and chefs.  

Shortlisted Turtle Bay job applicants will be descending on the Queens Mercure Hotel in Cheltenham on Wednesday February 11.  Potential staff will have to go through several creative exercises, including doing the limbo, creating a picture collage and writing their own jingle for the restaurant.

Director Stephen Entwistle said: “Our staff are the face of our business so for us it is essential we find team members who will fit in and excel in the Turtle Bay atmosphere. We try to provide our diners with a dynamic, fun and exciting restaurant experience and we are looking for staff who can deliver just that! We purposefully employ an eclectic range of people as we want our staff to stand out from the crowd.”

Turtle Bay Cheltenham, which is to open on March 27, will be located in the heart of the town centre on the corner of Pittville Street and Albion Street. The 6,000sq/ft eatery is currently undergoing an impressive transformation and is set to capture the heart and soul of the Caribbean.

Inspired by the Caribbean way of life, Turtle Bay is a universal restaurant where friendly fuss free service is renowned. The eatery is passionate about providing a soulful vibrant atmosphere where guests will be guaranteed a good time.

Restaurant Manageress Charlotte James added: “We are delighted to be opening in Cheltenham and having the finest staff alongside us is essential. We want guests to leave with smiles and return time after time as friends. We pride ourselves in making our guests happy by delivering a combination of deliciously addictive spicy Caribbean food, delightful drinks, warm and friendly service - all in a laid-back atmosphere.”

Turtle Bay is about capturing the spirit of the beach. Both with dynamic, bold flavours firmly rooted in tradition and a vibe that reflects the Caribbean soul. For more information on Turtle Bay visit

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