Quidditch Brings Touch of Magic To Royal Three Counties Show

Quidditch Brings Touch of Magic To Royal Three Counties Show
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Harry Potter fans and Muggles alike will have the chance to try their hand at a game of Quidditch at this year’s Royal Three Counties Show.

QuidditchUK, the national governing body for the sport, will host workshops and matches of the game made famous by J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series on Saturday 18th June in the event’s Sports Village, which is in association with Worcester Warriors. Matches will welcome teams including the University of Bristol’s Brizzlepuffs and the University of Leicester’s Leicester Thestrals.

Ken Nottage, CEO of the Three Counties, said: “This is such an exciting element to be introducing to the Royal Three Counties Show. Quidditch is the fastest growing mixed gender, full contact sport in the world and will bring a vibrant energy to the Sports Village in association with Worcester Warriors. Quidditch is an immensely popular sport both on the page and the pitch, and we cannot wait to invite families and visitors to the show to try the game for themselves.”

QuidditchUK is the national governing body for the sport of Quidditch in the UK. The body aims to create and maintain an environment of healthy competition and community that values inclusivity, whilst increasing engagement with the much loved fictional sport.

Matthew Wood, Outreach Manager for Quidditch UK, said: “We’re so excited to be sharing our love of Quidditch with visitors to this year’s Royal Three Counties Show. The sport is continuing to grow with over 32 QuidditchUK registered teams in the UK and more than 24 national teams globally, including teams from the UK, Uganda, USA, Peru, Australia and South Korea. Quidditch is an exciting mix of Rugby, Handball and Dodgeball, all while on a broomstick! Our unique workshops will invite visitors of all ages to learn about how the game works and it’s variety of exciting elements. Then with our match later in the day, visitors can see the elements they’ve learned in the workshop being put together into a high intensity, fast paced and dynamic match.”

Quidditch stands by itself as a thriving sport. The game is unique in its combination of tactical play, physicality and gender inclusivity. Rosters can include up to 21 people, with seven active players taking part at all times – a Keeper (the goalie), three Chasers (those who score points by shooting the quaffle through the hoops at either end of the pitch), two Beaters (the players in control of the ‘bludgers’, the dodgeball element of the game) and finally, the Seekers (the players chasing to capture the Snitch). Unlike in the magical world, the Snitch is a tennis ball in a yellow sock, tucked into the back of the Snitch Runner’s shorts. The Snitch Runner has to prevent the seekers from getting the snitch, a little like tag Rugby.

Workshops will take place at 11am and 1pm on Saturday of the Royal Three Counties Show. Whether you’re a Keeper like Ron or a Seeker like Harry, there’s a place for everyone. At 2.30pm there will be an exhibition game featuring two of the top 10 teams in the country – the Leicester Thestrals and the Bristol Brizzlebears.

The finest in farming will come to the fore at this year’s Royal Three Counties Show. A landmark event in the agricultural calendar, the Royal Three Counties Show celebrates the rich heritage of British farming, alongside fine food and family entertainment.

The Royal Three Counties Show will take place from Friday 17 June until Sunday 19 June 2016. Tickets are now on sale. Advanced adult tickets are priced from £18 and from £16 for Three Counties members. Family and childrens tickets are also available and tickets can be purchased on the gate.

For information on ticket prices and further information on the show, please visit www.threecounties.co.uk/threecounties or call 01684 584900.