Rock 'n' Roll Planting Designer Shares Incredible New Lessons from New York's High Line

Rock 'n' Roll Planting Designer Shares Incredible New Lessons from New York's High Line
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Exclusive insight into the planning and maintenance of New York’s iconic and triumphant city park in new online gardening course.

AN EXCLUSIVE NEW course, launched by, will offer the chance to learn first hand how the unique New York High Line is managed.

Designed by internationally renowned Landscape Architect, Piet Oudolf, the High Line has become one of the world’s most successful parks in just eight years.

Annually the park welcomes more than seven million visitors and has become a symbol of how plants can triumph in extreme conditions in one of the busiest cities in the world. The park’s success offers an inspiring case study that can be used as an example of effective urban regeneration across the world.

Piet Oudolf said: “I’m most proud of the fact that it is a park that reminds you of the things you would usually find in the countryside, not in the city. When I visit I look at what will come next and how it will develop – the garden’s lifespan should not be limited, that is what’s most important.”

As part of the course, students will have access to never seen before drone footage over the magnificent, carefully managed park. The four-part course showcases how well-chosen plants can not only survive but thrive in extreme conditions.

Perennial Management, The Piet Oudolf Way, demonstrates month-by-month aspects of looking after the perennials that flourish along the former railway line.  With insights from Piet himself, as he walks the High Line, the course also includes lessons in the long-term management of perennials, ensuring that they will look good for many years to come.

Described as the rock ‘n’ roll planting designer of our age, Piet, who designed the High Line planting, works with Dr Noel Kingsbury on the course. The duo aim to help students learn about the nitty gritty detail of choosing plants not just for their beauty but for their longevity. The lessons will reveal how to develop the skill of thinking ahead to ensure gardens remain healthy and beautiful long term.

Acclaimed Director of Horticulture for The High Line, Andi Pettis also shares insights on how staff maintain the site and how it is expected to evolve.

Perennial Management, The Piet Oudolf Way, which is available from March 1, is priced from £29 and comprises of four tutorials. It offers lifetime access to course content and a flexible study program that fits around the individual, with optional assignments and online support from the community. All students will have direct access to their fellow classmates in the online classroom. Students who want direct access to Piet can upgrade to the £109 course.

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