The Daffodil To Open Delicatessen

The Daffodil To Open Delicatessen
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Cheltenham's iconic restaurant The Daffodil has announced it will be launching a new style delicatessen on Monday May 25th 2015.

The ‘Chefs Pantry’ will occupy the building adjoining The Daffodil and is an original part of the former art deco picture palace built in 1922. The Pantry, a creation of co-owner Mark Stephens, will be accessible from the restaurant as well as from the street and will managed by Katie Garrity who has made the short journey across the foyer from where she was previously the restaurants Maître‘D.

At the heart of the Chefs Pantry will be an eye-catching glass and white marble counter housing artisan cheeses, British charcuterie, Chef prepared dishes and handmade patisseries. Everyday groceries such as fresh milk, butter, seasonal fruit and vegetables, bread and pastries will all be on offer alongside a small selection of fine wines and beers.

In a first for Cheltenham, the Chefs Pantry will feature a bespoke crustacean tank which will be home to fresh live lobsters, crab and local crayfish. These shellfish will not only be used by the restaurant but will also be available to pantry customers. 

The Chefs Pantry will also offer all the fresh stocks, sauces and condiments currently being made in the restaurant kitchen.

Open 6 days a week from 11am to 8pm, the urge to pop in and pick up supper on the way home from work might be hard to resist.

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