Corporate Communications

From strategy through to implementation, we can help your senior management team employ a robust corporate communications strategy targeting staff, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Media Relations

Getting your message in front of the right journalists at the right time is vital. We can fly your flag with the media through media briefings, networking, press releases, forward features and press trip management.

Press Office

You can seamlessly outsource your entire press office to Silver Ball PR. From responding to journalists in-bound requests to proactively creating the stories and setting the news agenda, we can take care of all your press office functionality.


If you are looking for punchy copy for your website, blog or latest brochure, we can help. Full stop.

Online PR

In the age where everyone is a broadcaster, we can drive your online reputation management. We can help with third party blogger engagement, identification of key online channels that may benefit your business as well as assisting with devising creative campaigns for social media strategies.

Crisis PR

Sometimes the proverbial dung can hit the fan. With our experienced team of former journalists, we specialize in putting together PR Incident Management Plans and can provide 24-7 support where required. Concise and clear communications are vital in a crisis. We can ensure your brand withstands the storms.

Event Management

Our teams of experienced personnel have extensive experience of running some of the most iconic launches, client events, roadshows and VIP red carpet activity. Our experience ranges from large events, including working on the launch of The Millennium Dome, to smaller scale shindigs such as managing the Red Carpet activity at Cheltenham Fashion Week’s VIP event.


Silver Ball PR specialise in launching hotels, restaurants, venues and events. We can also help you implement a robust national and regional media campaign and execute seamless launch event activity.

Community Relations

The community who live and work near your business are often a key audience with whom you may need to communicate. We can help you devise a strategy to ensure they remain on side and loving everything your brand stands for.